Semi Automatic PET bottle Blowing Machine Features

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The blowing system is mainly composed of a stretching device, a pre-blowing device, a blowing device, and an exhaust device. The preform is mechanically stretched under the action of the stretching bar, and pre-blowing is performed while stretching, so that the bottle is initially shaped and then blown, and finally the bottle is taken out by venting. The main function of pre-blowing is to make the material distribution even and easy to blow. The shape of the pre-blowing bottle directly determines the difficulty of the blowing process and the performance of the bottle. The shape of the normal pre-blowing bottle is spindle-shaped.

Machine Features

Built-in Philips automatic microprocessor.

High quality cylinders and valves are standard equipments of the machine.

Pressure adjustable valve controls the speed fast/slow of the mould platen opening and closing.

The valves controls the pressure of compressed air, excessive aie is vent out through a sliencer.

Machine maintainance, testing and production have manual and semi auto mode.

Genuine parts are used to enhance machine life.

One coveyor can have maxium two blowing machines.

Technical Advantages & Specifications

The GP series of machine are two stage,biaxial type stretch blow moulding with simple and unique design.

It uses combination of pneumatic and hydro pneumatic versions for better and fast quality output.

Robustness and long lasting service of component are protected by mechanical and electrical safety systems.

Constant quality of bottle production is based on the precision rotation of perform mandrel and strecth motions.

Perform carries and blow cells are easily changeable allowing product versatility.

The main function of start up operation are combined on the machine integrated LCD Control Panel Trouble.

More information about Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine , please visit Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer