It's all about heroics. The larger locks lock seed

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I'm only off heal during Oh shit times when the WOW TBC Gold healer is either incapacitated (and the tank's overall health is getting extremely low, for example) or when oom or innervate is on cooldown .... I'll off tank when needed or when the tank goes down for whatever reason and bres is on cooldown.

It's a must to always be in a group with some pretty amazing dps as on average I've seen a lot of other classes pulling 700-1.2k in total. Since we're a hybrid class I'm of the opinion that the average I'm pulling doesn't look bad given what else I bring to the table. I also give 5percent more feedback to everyone else.

My point is that you have more power with your group's competitiveness and ability to get the things you desire by tanking. Even if dps are not your thing in raid or anything else. My main is a lock and yeah i can achieve 1500 DPS. My pally for rets has 800+ dps on trash , and 1k+ for bosses. I acquired all my ret gear via being able to heal and tank when I needed. In the end I was able acquire DPS gear by either running alongside other classes or by excluding them from the comp.

Are you talking about raids or heroics? If the guy said rogues bring benefit from CC as well as helping off healing they most likely were referring to heroics, which is where the average dps is lower, even without consumables or buffs for raids.

It's all about heroics. The larger locks lock seed packs can pump dps higher. I can still do 1500 on bosses with just one target on my lock, so long as the tank can withstand the threat.

Yes, if you have a tank that is geared and a decent lock with large pulls, everyone else in the group is basically a carry for everything but bosses. It's likely that you'll smoke hunters and even mages if they're poor health, and the mage can be sniped before seeds start to go off.

While 500 dps may seem too low for one boss, they must still be at or above 1k if they are given the same conditions (fast kill time, best buffs) or if they've got any equipment.

I'm about 400-500 DPS as a wild tank. Wearing the dorky level 40 hat you'll have a more powerful cat version. If you're not, the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold other person will be correct. You should tank.