Elden Ring: How to Access the Item Waypoint Ruins

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Instead of focusing on this monster's power solely by pointing out the smug guards Superlouis64 takes his fight directly to Godrick. Incredibly, he dusts the boss in Elden Ring Runes no time and in no time. Gaze upon these works and feel despair.

There's also additional footage of Superlouis64 having fun playing Elden Ring with the banana controller here. The way he came up with this amazing device I'm not sure. It's difficult to imagine anyone else could come close to this one in terms of sheer ridiculousness. What's next? Is there a way to beat Radahn with a air fryer? (please all masochists out there should consider this)Elden Ring's famous difficulty is creating all kinds of crazy fan-generated antics. This week, two speedrunners finished the game in just under an hour.

Elden Ring: How to Access the Item Waypoint Ruins

Elden Ring has many items scattered across its breathtaking open world, many of which are placed out of players' reach to facilitate exploration. With the introduction of Torrent Elden Ring's dependable magical mount, and a jump button, FromSoftware has been creative with its verticality, putting many concealed items below and above the player. One of them can be located to be found in Waypoint Ruins, in Western Limgrave the beginning section in elden ring weapons for sale the Map. This guide will help players identify and locate the unique crafting item that will aid them along their journey.



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