Elden Ring fan beats difficult bosses with a controller made of bananas

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While fighting Margit in who is the Fell Omen in Elden Ring, Reddit user YoBoi909 encountered an extremely opportune situation that required a tie-in with Elden Ring Items a Michael Bay throwback. The Redditor posted a video of gameplay in which they knocked down the principal character and then ran away to keep a distance between them. Once it's time to go back in for another fight The Tarnished and Margit fly into the air at the same time. In true action film fashion the edited version of YoBoi909's gameplay footage cuts away as both characters collide leading to the Transformers (2007) credit sequence which includes Tracks from Linkin Park's "What I've Done" to be heard in the background. You can watch it in the video embedded below.

Sadly, Optimus Prime does not present the above sequence however, YoBoi909's edit adds a sense of excitement to that Elden Ring battle with Margit it makes the Fell Omen all the more interesting. Timing of simultaneous assaults is perfect it raises the question of the frequency of similar incidents taking place in the other games.

As evident by the sales figures mentioned earlier, millions of players have spent time investigating the Lands Between. Many have already completed it in a handful of players sharing videos of their speedruns. Recently, one user managed to speedrun through Elden Ring without losing more than three hours. Another player later shared that they finished the game in less than an hour. Within a few hours, another will likely top even the feat.

Elden Ring fan beats difficult bosses with a controller made of bananas

You've probably heard of elden ring weapons for sale how Elden Ring is challenging, but this fan killed one of its most infamous bosses with a controller composed of bananas.



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