What are you doing?

With a cry, Salmon lay rolling on the ground, unable to speak any more.

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No matter how long the road is, it will come to an end. Not to mention the short distance of several hundred meters from the berth to the platform. No matter how reluctant Salmon was, he could only stand up straight and watch Zhang Pengcheng come to him step by step in the eyes of tens of thousands of pairs of knives. That guy is the commander of the fleets who ran away? The fat man walked beside Zhang Pengcheng and asked in a low voice. That's him! Zhang Pengcheng clenched his teeth. Beat it? The fat man blinked his eyes. "Aren't you afraid?" Zhang Pengcheng paused. The fat man's expression was very surprised: "What am I afraid of?" "Standing next to him is your immediate superior." Zhang Pengcheng glanced at the smiling Carolina. Look down on me? The fat man stared at her and said, "It's none of her business to beat a scum.". As long as I'm happy. Do you want to beat me? "Here?" Zhang Pengcheng took a deep breath. Here, now.. "The fat man said coldly," both of us! " “。” Zhang Pengcheng said ferociously, "It's in my heart!" Both of them quickened their pace. On the platform, the phalanx of Chuckner's guards had flashed out of a passage. Seeing Zhang Pengcheng and Fatty coming quickly, the guards who had separated the ranks of Feiyang officers also slowly retreated to both sides. Fatty and Zhang Pengcheng are striding. Commander of the Chuckner Guard Battalion, as the two passed in front of him, took a deep breath and shouted, "All of you, to..". Leray ........ Major General Tian Xingjian 。 Salute! Tens of thousands of Chakna soldiers in the voice of the commander of the guard battalion, one word at a time. Raise your hand and salute at the same time. On the platform. By the berth, on the deck. On the bridge aisle,Ceramic Bobbin, rows, rows, and groups of people in black uniforms, all with their legs and chests out. The uniform action of standing at attention and saluting is full of visual impact. Carolina's face. Suddenly he became livid. She never wanted to see the Lereys mingle with the Chuckners, and she never dreamed that these Chuckners would suddenly salute a powerless Major General Lereys in such a way. Looking at the expression of the commander of the guard battalion and the movements of the soldiers of Chuckner, it was obvious that this had been prepared for a long time. Cheng Zhixuan,Kamado bbq grill, who had been silent all the time, also became very ugly. Beside him, Marguerite's eyes widened in surprise. It was the first time she had seen the near-legendary Major General Leray. It's the same as the information, with a simple and honest face. A somewhat bloated build. White and fat, kind and amiable.. I didn't expect 。 His appearance turned out to be such a dramatic effect. The Chuckner people are paying tribute to him in an extreme way. What did he do? It's worth all the fanfare of the Chuckner Twelve Fleet! In her mind, Margaret saw that General Chuckner, Zhang Pengcheng, and the fat man had walked quickly through the guard array and in front of Carolina. She could even hear the two men talking and laughing.. "You made it?" The fat man is asking. It wasn't me. This is the tradition of the Chuckner Army and the Twelve Group Fleet! "You deserve it," said Zhang Pengcheng. Carolina smiled and held out her hand to Zhang Pengcheng: "Congratulations, General Zhang Pengcheng..". This is a great game. "Her voice suddenly stopped.". Two men, ceramic welding tape ,Alumina Ceramic C795, one old and one young, ignored her. They strode past her. Zhang Pengcheng slapped Salmon in the face, and then the fat man kicked Salmon in the lower abdomen, kicking the unprepared Salmon out. Carolina froze in place. In full view of the public, Zhang Pengcheng and Fatty did not stop at all. They chased after him, one left and one right, and kicked and punched Salmon, who was curled up on the ground. In the flying dust, the fists and feet made a dull beating sound, which was breathtaking. Cheng Zhixuan, who was closest to the fighting group, took a step back reflexively. Margaret covered her mouth. More than a hundred Feiyang officers all changed their faces, while tens of thousands of Chuckner officers and soldiers from far and near clenched their fists, clenched their teeth and brightened their eyes. The whole airport on the 15th was silent except for the sound of fists and feet and the sound of rapid breathing. All the people watched helplessly as the two assailants, dressed in general uniforms, beat Salmon violently. A general and a major general, like street hooligans, punched people, such a scene, in the history of human military, I am afraid it is unprecedented. What are you doing? With a cry, Salmon lay rolling on the ground, unable to speak any more. The fists and feet of Zhang Pengcheng and the fat man fell on him like raindrops. Every punch and every kick is extremely fierce. Beating is the most painful part. Salmon screamed, hissing in his throat, and there was no room for resistance. After all, he was only an officer who had graduated from a military Academy, and the skills he had learned in close combat in the military Academy had long been forgotten. How could it be the opponent of the fat man from the special forces and the burly Zhang Pengcheng?! In the dust, Zhang Pengcheng grabbed Salmon by the collar, lifted him from the ground, and punched him hard in the cheek. Salmon's head jerked back and two teeth flew out with blood foam. Fleet 1201 36 destroyers, 11 cruisers, 9 battleships! Thirty-four thousand lonely souls! It's all your work! When reporting this set of data, Zhang Pengcheng, with a ferocious face, had tears flashing faintly in his red eyes. His lips were trembling as he spoke. His voice,steatite c221, far away, echoed in the harbor. I don't want to hit you.. "The fat man grabbed Salmon, and the backhand was a slap in the face.". This slap is so loud. Salmon's already bruised face suddenly had another slap mark. The fat man put his foot on Salmon's stomach. "Dead.". global-ceramics.com


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