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Snake,: "With pleasure!" Love a kiss: "See the blue sea on the nausea, garbage will be quickly dismissed, do not lose face."

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Graceful: Get out of the way! The future is the era of mourning home. Do not be the second of Wu Zetian, swear to be the first of the graceful emperor. Wow! Ha ha ha ha! Xiao Meng is afraid that if the idiot kiss continues to make trouble, it will pull out some things that should not be known by Qin Yu. He frowned and said to Qin Yu, "They are not malicious. Some words are jokes. Don't take them too seriously." Qin Yu looked at the wailing leader of the guild on the screen and his teammates in the same group who were reveling heartily. He blinked his godless eyes and picked up the idiot to kiss him. He said slowly with tears in his eyes: "I'm sorry, everyone. I forgot to give this baby medicine today." Xiao Meng: "… …" Another healthy teenager gone to the dogs. A group of madmen were having a good time, and the channel was suddenly full of shouting and cursing. It turned out that the first-line members of the Bihai Guild had made the public angry by clearing the server bosses one by one. In the past, the main players of Junyi also often swept five lines after practicing, but the practice is absolutely mild compared with Bihai Yizhong, at least they will not rob the boss that others have already started, and they will not clear the field. Love deeply one kiss: "Go, look for dead reptile to settle accounts!" As soon as the president gave the order, the original underground line. "Every time I talk about reptiles, I'm not in a good mood," she said with a sigh, without her unbridled enthusiasm. Why does he always jump out when I'm happiest? It's so annoying. The voice just fell and followed the eldest brother's steps. Xiao Meng watched the crowd routinely change lines and lock people, leaving only himself and Qin Yu in the blink of an eye on the original lively screen. Helplessly said: "I go to look at the situation, you play for a while.". I'll be back soon. Originally, Qin Yu had no intention of participating in the group fight between their three masters. On the one hand, he can't lock people without three-turn skills, and on the other hand, he is afraid of losing experience. But tonight I don't know why I can't sit still when I think of the ambiguous relationship between the snake and Xiao Meng. Oh, okay,shuttle rack system, I'll wait for you to come back. Qin Yu thought that if she wanted to go, she would be worried, so it would be more appropriate to fly over quietly with husband and wife skills later. If you can beat it, you can beat it, but there are still a few pieces of back to the city in the bundle, and you can rub oil on the soles of your feet at the critical moment. Xiao Meng was not suspicious and hurriedly changed the line with a sound. Lock the name of the snake and be transported directly to a 140-level flying beast by the system. Rage state of the boss, attack high blood, thick skin,heavy duty rack manufacturers, big trick out in succession. Fortunately, Xiao Meng did not forget to add auxiliary skills to himself after he went online, otherwise he would have been caught off guard if he was not in good condition. Glancing at the battlefield in a hurry, the backbone of Bihai and Junyi have launched a life-and-death struggle with each other; they have a tacit understanding to let the leaders of the two sessions one to one at the foot of the giant boss, but no one rolls up their sleeves to help and add fuel to the flames. When the strength of the two sides is almost the same, the strangeness theory bred by the four alien professions is like this: the mage conquers the assassin, the assassin conquers the warrior, and the warrior conquers the mage. The priest's binding skill conquers all professions. If the first binding skill does not hit the opponent, the priest is conquered by all professions. What Qin Yu saw at that time was the super-standard operation mode of turning this set of books into practice. The handsome mage is chasing the assassin of the blue sea; the soldier of the blue sea is carrying the kitchen knife to chase and kill step by step. From time to time, he turns back to release the grace of the defense technique. The grace exerts the subjective initiative of the priest, and takes time to add protection to the passing teammates during the fugitive period. As for the first soldier in the whole area, he is playing single combat with the second assassin in the whole area at the feet of the 140-level boss; There are no casualties on both sides, but they are in a mess. Throughout the audience, the most flexible and changeable is the great, kind, wise and powerful, industrial racking systems ,asrs warehouse, saving the people from the abyss of suffering, gathering all the advantages of the world in one.. Vice Tong will! She is behind the back of the president's affectionate kiss, one step away from the snake, with the sparks flying from the intersection of two weapons, facing the thunder of the huge waves of flying beasts, she is.. Hit the boss.. Yes, this is not in a hurry, not in a hurry, not slow, calm, calm, relaxed, relaxed posture, to say that she is here to fight, really incompatible with the atmosphere of Zhou Cao. Look horizontally and vertically, no matter 45 degrees or 360 degrees, she is really just playing boss. And idiot kisses and snake spots.. To be exact, it was her two human shields. Qin Yu black line, three jumps move to safety. The thing he was thinking about was whether to take advantage of the time when the bullies of the blue sea had no time to clean themselves up, and put some hellfire, thunder bombs, flash balls and so on on the snake spots. Make a contribution to the performance. Now that you're here, you can't stand on one side and watch the fire from the other side! Yes, something has to be done! On the screen, a male mage of level 130, carrying a blue staff of the highest quality, stood in a corner that could only be hit by an atomic bomb. He said with a dignified expression, "Monitor, I'll help you!" At this time, a bright and dazzling red flame fell straight on the chest of the flying beast. To be exact, the male wizard who came one step later was with his wife. Hit the boss.. The inside story needs digging.. Affectionate one kiss: "reptile you are shameless, grab east to grab west to also disrelish everyday tired so that panic." Snake,: "With pleasure!" Love a kiss: "See the blue sea on the nausea, garbage will be quickly dismissed, do not lose face." Snake,: "You won me?" Love a kiss: "Make it clear that I am riding on your head.". I'm number one in the district. Ha ha ha, you idiot. Snake,: "Boring." Love a kiss: "Dead reptile, your interest is to jump up and down in front of Lao Tzu every day looking for a beating." Snake,: "Who is beating who now?" A kiss of deep love: "Are you psychologically dark and lack of love since childhood?"? How can you rob a thing? Do you think you can show off? Why don't you go to die. I want to trample you to death like a pickle when I see your dead fish eyes. Snake,: "I am relieved to see you angry from embarrassment." Love a kiss: "CAO!"! Long, Yi, Ran! I want you to look good! Snake,: "Liu Haoqing, if I hadn't released the water when you were talking nonsense, you would have died.". You figure it out for me, too. Crackle crackle crackle, tinkle, and the fright continues. Qin Yu is still a cat in the corner,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, right hand on the mouse skills kept, left hand quickly tapping the keyboard: "Monitor, how love boss and snake know?" 。


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