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Su mansion is the general mansion, is about to enfeoffed Wu Hou mansion, is also extremely noble

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Su mansion is the general mansion, is about to enfeoffed Wu Hou mansion, is also extremely noble, Miss Su and these two people naturally match in identity. It is said that the Empress Dowager proposed her nephew Xu Yunchu, and the Emperor proposed Ye Chang, the nephew of Rong An Wang Fu. The civil and military ministers in the court also had their own teams, which was more lively than the general's defeat of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Children's marriage has always been associated with soft amorous feelings, and is also talked about by idlers and poets. Especially such a queen mother and the emperor Qi Qi valued the marriage, and now the marriage of General Su's youngest daughter, really let the people of the capital explode. Su Fengnuan drank three cups of tea and listened to the cause and effect of this matter. Just as he was about to pay the bill and leave, he heard a clear voice upstairs saying regretfully, "I didn't expect that I had slept for three months and missed so many good plays." She looked up and saw that the voice was coming from a private room. Although the door of the private room was open, the curtain blocked it. She vaguely saw several figures sitting around the table, with blurred outlines, and could not see the appearance of the speaker. At this time, someone took the words, laughing, "prince, you sleep these three months, can not only miss the good play, if you are not drunk, almost went to the battlefield with General Su." Hearing this,plastic pallet containers, the man who had been greatly regretful earlier suddenly changed his voice and said happily, "Well, it's a good thing I was drunk for three months. Otherwise, the sword had no eyes on the battlefield. I heard that General Su was seriously injured and is still recovering at the border. If I go, I won't be able to come back like my parents.". Where can I sit here and drink tea? "Exactly, exactly." Someone answered. The prince and the lucky man have their own destiny. Someone echoed. Su Fengnuan withdrew his sight, took out the silver and put it on the table, and got up. At this time,plastic pallet manufacturer, the man smiled happily and said, "I am really a lucky man. In that case, all the tea money in this teahouse today has been invited by the prince." As soon as his voice fell, there was a burst of cheers. Su Fengnuan stopped and looked upstairs again, only to see laughter and jubilation in the private room, where about seven or eight people were sitting. Someone downstairs asked, "Is the prince serious?" "Prince Ben naturally takes what he says seriously. When has he ever broken his word?" The man upstairs said with a smile, "Shopkeeper, listen carefully. The tea money of all the visitors in the teahouse today is on my account." "All right!" The shopkeeper immediately answered with a smile. Su Fengnuan withdrew his sight, turned back to his seat, beckoned to the little fellow, and whispered to him. The little fellow listened to her and looked at her dumbfounded. Su Fengnuan wore a bamboo hat, a half-new plain white skirt, a sword on his waist, and a dress of Jianghu people. The little fellow looked at her for a long time, but did not see her appearance clearly, plastic pallet bins ,ibc spill containment pallet, so he could only stammer, "This." This girl, this.. Not so good? "What's wrong with that?"? Didn't he make it clear? Did he invite all the guests to the teahouse today? Su Fengnuan looked at the young fellow with a pair of clear and innocent eyes through the gauze scarf. "Doesn't Prince Ye of Rong'an Wangfu keep his word?" The little fellow hesitated and whispered, "But." Ye Shizi said to drink here, not to say. I didn't say what I took away counted. Su Fengnuan knocked on the table twice and said with a smile, "Do you have money in this teahouse and don't want to make it?"? You go and ask your shopkeeper to see if he should. When the young fellow heard this, he glanced upstairs and saw the sound of laughter and joy upstairs. He immediately ran to find the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper listened to what the young fellow said, raised his eyes to look at Su Fengnuan, Leng Leng, after a moment, nodded to the young fellow. With the approval of the shopkeeper, the young man ran to the back and brought out ten boxes of good new tea for Su Fengnuan. Su Fengnuan untied the package behind him, opened it, packed ten boxes of good new tea bags, and stepped out of the teahouse with ease. Seeing Su Fengnuan out of the teahouse, the young man led the horse away, turned around and ran back to the shopkeeper's side, whispering, "Shopkeeper, ten boxes of top new tea, one box is worth a thousand pieces of gold, these ten boxes are worth ten thousand pieces of gold.". You also agree unexpectedly, Ye Shizi can lose a lot of money today. The shopkeeper knocked on the abacus, shook his head and sighed, but did not speak. The young fellow said again, "Shopkeeper, why don't you go and tell Ye Shizi?" The shopkeeper shook his head. When the young man saw that the shopkeeper didn't say anything, he naturally kept silent, but in his heart he felt sorry for Ye Chang. Wanjin, it's not a small number. Ye Shizi's ancestral property has been ruined by him these years? How can he muddle along in the future. The news that Ye Shizi invited tea in the teahouse soon spread, and many people rushed to Yipinxiang Teahouse after hearing about it. The little fellow went back and forth to serve tea, and his legs were all numb, and he did not care about Ye Chang's silver, but about his own legs. Ye Chang did not stay in the teahouse for a long time. After drinking two pots of tea with a group of people, he went out of the teahouse and went to find a place to play. He slept for three months, but instead of being soft, he slept in high spirits. On a hot day, he took a group of people to the hunting ground. Su Fengnuan led the horse back to Su Fu. When Mrs. Su heard that she had returned to Beijing, she came out happily and looked at her left and right. She was relieved to see that she was not hurt. Su Fengnuan untied the package and handed it to Mrs. Su. He said with a smile, "There are ten boxes of good Tianxiang brocade here. My daughter robbed them. My mother loves tea, so she accepted them." -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- It is said that since September this year, new articles have been uploaded to the station, and some functions can not be used after uploading new articles, such as the page reward function and the author's background reward function. Yesterday, my dear friends left a message about the activity of rewarding Xiaoxiang coins. When the article is not in the state of stationing and the function of rewarding is opened, I will make up for it. I hope everyone is happy to read the article, and I am happy to write the article. Yesterday, the Academy engine did not reach the text, I asked the reason,drum spill pallet, it is said that more than ten thousand words can be reached. Okay, I'm out. In order to avoid a lot of people not to worry, today. Third watch ~ The third watch ~ Grind your teeth in the third watch. There will be no such good thing in the future. Hurry to read the article. Today is very fat ~ (this is the first watch) The third chapter is hunting and gambling. binpallet.com

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