Big Han Fei Ge

He wrapped me in his arms and said eagerly, "that day, the Huns invaded Longxi county, not what I expected.."

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He wrapped me in his arms and said eagerly, "that day, the Huns invaded Longxi county, not what I expected.." "Huo Qubing, you are not wrong, you are a good general, your life has never belonged to me." I turned around, and his eyes were mottled and dotted. I reached out and stroked his stubble chin and said, "Galloping on the battlefield is your destination, just like me, I can't escape from the palace wall until I die." He grabbed my hand and put a cold stone in the palm of his hand, "Yao Ge, you see, this is the crescent stone, do you remember?" A stream of heat rushed out of my eyes, and I covered my mouth tightly, only tears kept dripping. Trembling, he wiped away my tears and pretended to laugh. "The Yingyue Spring in the Qilian Mountains is really beautiful. There are many such stones there. Do you like them?"? It was two years late, but I never forgot. I thought I could face it calmly, but why did I feel the pain of a knife in my heart? Who took the dagger and carved it one by one, carved it too many times, but it hurt to numbness. But I have forgotten. I pushed him away and forced myself to say, "Today is different from the past, how can I care about such a stone?" Huo Qubing slowly loosened my hand,plastic pallet price, and the night wind wantonly raised his clothes, but he was motionless, and his eyes flashed in the dark. I hold up Liu Che given jade, fingers because of too hard and trembling slightly, "a title of generals in ancient times, your crescent stone comparable to these?" "I understand that's not what you want!" His knuckles were white as he clenched the stone. A crisp bang broke the silence of the night, jade shattered, stars splashed, "I do not care about rare treasures,plastic pallet suppliers, how much do you think you can give me?" I laughed wantonly, with tears, step by step, "only Liu Che can give me the highest honor, can let me enjoy the splendor and wealth, but you understand now?" "I don't believe.." He stubbornly thrust the crescent stone back into my hand. Believe it or not, I don't want this stone. I turned away from him. It's up to you whether you want it or not. If you don't want it, throw it away. I will never go back on what I said. He said hoarsely. With a wave of my sleeve, the stone drew an arc in the air and fell into the cliff without a sound. I turned around, raised my face and said, "As you said, throw it away." "Hehe.." He looked up to the sky and smiled, "This is the result of my waiting." I don't want to turn my head. Now that I have come to this point, I only hope that you will not resent me in the future. Li Meiren, I have been taught! He made a deep salute, straightened up, stepped back a few steps, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet crates, and covered his chest tightly. My heart a surprised, strong support on the face of calm, he is not hurt … His hands were raised involuntarily and pressed down again. Huo Qubing walked a few steps, suddenly bent down, his side face hidden in the moonlight, a mouthful of blood spattered out, and the warm liquid hit the back of my hand. What happened to you? Where is the wound? I couldn't hold back any longer and groped in his chest in a panic. Don't bother Li Meiren. He pushed me away heavily, his eyes were strange and terrible, suffocating, and the nightmare scene was in front of him. Huo Qubing staggered down the hill, and his tall figure was lonely in the moonlight and disappeared in the night wind. I tried to wipe the scarlet on the back of my hand, but I couldn't wipe it all, and the cinnabar was printed all the way to my heart. Without any more strength, I slid down the hillside to the ground, the crescent moon appeared from the clouds, and I took out the crescent stone from my sleeve, which still had his temperature on it. There is a moon spring in the Qilian Mountains, and the crescent stone at the bottom of the spring will shine at night. Yes, I always remember.. Every word you have said is the only comfort for me trapped in the palace. At that time, I thought that you would have the whole world, but now, I just want to let you go away and watch you fly high. When you erase this love, you will still be the brave God of war on the horse, flying to the frontier fortress, flapping your wings, that is you I have always loved, never changed. Back to Zhaoxian Pavilion, the maidservants were in a hurry to help me clean up, leaning on the bath, only to feel extremely tired. Beauty, Your Majesty summons. The author has something to say: I am a mother. The following is repeated N times ~ \ (≧ ≦)/~ V into a lot of old friends have disappeared, I hope to see the children's shoes can bubble, let me feel not too lonely ~ ~ ~ Scatter a flower yourself ~ ~ ~ 64 64, the wind and rain are so dark that Hu does not return-thin and cool.. I didn't open my eyes. "Back to Your Majesty, just say that I'm not feeling well in this palace. I hope you'll forgive me." "No." The curtain of the cabinet was fluttering, and the night wind was slightly cool. I put on my clothes and fell on my back on the couch. My heart was full of emotions, but empty. See Your Majesty. The voice of the outer cabinet sounded, but I remained motionless. Why didn't my beloved concubine wait for me to come and rest alone? Liu Che language with light pick, reach out to pick up my chin. I don't know if Your Majesty will come here. I said lightly. Are you satisfied with the jade I gave you at the dinner party? He stood in front of the couch with his hands on his back, rolling in the dark. My concubine likes it very much. "In that case, can I enjoy it together?" I was at a loss for words, looking at his indifferent manner, already clear. Su Lin presented a bright yellow brocade bag, Liu Che still on the ground, broken jade scattered on the ground, reflecting a little starlight. I see you don't care! "If Your Majesty wants to blame him for breaking it carelessly, he will punish his concubines." I responded abruptly. Punish the beloved concubine? I really can't bear to part with it! He held me on his knees, and the hand that rested on his waist suddenly exerted itself, and I could not help exhaling. Mountains have trees, trees have branches, hearts please you, you don't know, huh? He breathed hot air in my ear, kneaded the red and swollen waist,plastic bulk containers, and pressed it hard. Ah I retreated to one side. I didn't know until today that my beloved concubine admired me so much. He looked askance and put his arm around my neck. Your Majesty thinks so, and that is. I drew a sneer. Don't look at me with this kind of eyes. I hate your hypocritical smile most. Do you feel wronged? He shook me violently, and my eyes straggled toward him.


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