Golden House Hidden Concubine (online game)

Xiaoxiao is the little beauty who was once worshipped by Lei San as a sorcerer whose gender is now questioned

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Xiaoxiao is the little beauty who was once worshipped by Lei San as a sorcerer whose gender is now questioned and who sells numbers and plays trumpets In the game of "Zhu Yan" the characters can't get married if they are not satisfied with level 60 She's level 50 okay Lei San was hit by the facts and the refutation was somewhat powerless Number two the deadline for that competition has been advanced to 1800 tomorrow Jane Fan ignored him and gave orders directly to Rong Ruo Ow ow ow ow! From YY came the howl of Lei Qing's fierce Miscellaneous attack Not so good is it Rong Er pulled out his ears and made a kind proposal without sincerity The third brother knows what a tiger's ass is doesn't he The eldest brother can be moderately stimulated but not excessively! No matter how fast the trumpet upgrades it is still a little nervous to upgrade to level 10 in one day What do you call this You can't live with your own sins! But the boss is really vindictive! One word can kill two birds with one stone He clearly knows that as a Publicity Department he is responsible for the publication and publicity of various activities If he wants to advance the registration time by nearly a week if there is no suitable reason he will be greeted by the players for 18 generations Alas! As a subordinate life is really bitter Rong Er shook his head and saw that Jane Fan had quit YY He dropped a sentence to Lei San who was still howling "Don't howl The boss is gone" If you have that momentum you might as well take your sister Xiaoxiao to rush! Remember to get married by 12 o'clock tomorrow night Then I quit the channel by myself and think about how to deal with the questioning of the players An apartment The fluorescent light of the notebook shines on the face of a demon which is as gloomy as a ghost film A man looked at a post about a couple's karaoke contest in the forum 22 Various JQ Showing a more gloomy smile the slender hand stretched out to the keyboard like a ghost claw in the dark night crackling crackling Xu Qianyu you take it! 23 23 Impulse is the devil The author has something to say too much The next morning before 830 Xu Qianyu received a phone call from the editor like wheat urging him to die She fumbled for her cell phone in a daze-why did she forget to turn it off last night "Hello" Xu Qianyu lay in bed humming feebly A night of messy dreams around a strange man can be tired to death her! She was lying on her back like a morgue thinking "Is that a wet dream" I was surprised that you didn't turn off your phone I can't believe you answered the phone I just wanted to try it! Wheat is obviously a little scary Xu Qianyu's mobile phone has never been turned on before 10 o'clock in the morning That's it I'll hang up and go back to sleep When Xu Qianyu heard the wheat's convulsive words the corners of his mouth twitched and he spurned himself for picking up the phone of the woman who had been nervous for a long time So he wanted to hang up after humming a sentence No no Wheat hurriedly shouted to her "I must have something to call or I am idle that what pain ah" "Uh-huh" Speak quickly if you have something to say China Chemicals Xu Qianyu yawned and tried to get up Dead wheat it better be important! "Have fart to put quickly" those 4 words be held by Xu Qianyu apparently in the mouth almost came out Now there is an essay Do you want to participate Wheat asked in a seductive tone Not interested Xu Qianyu simply refused She has a paper on hand now She does not like to seek self-abuse digging countless holes and being urged by readers to fill them bit by bit She always treats herself well and only opens one hole at a time Even if she has a better idea in the meantime she just records it and never rashly opens a new article She did not go back to prepare the next article until the happy ending of the article on hand The wheat was blocked to death knowing that she was angry when she got up Then the good voice good spirit continues to seduce "The bonus is very generous" "Bonus" How much is it Xu Qianyu's eyelids which had been sewn by sleepyheads suddenly broke free when he heard the word "bonus" A pair of clear eyes were shining green Where was the sleepiness Hey hey Wheat smiled This girl is famous for her love of money At that time when the Literature City signed a contract with her out of her duty as an editor she needed to mingle with her writers at the first time so she casually asked her "How can I write a network novel" She looked at her quietly as if puzzled as to why she had asked the question Soon her pale lips uttered four words "You can make money" She had the heart to die at that time Because most of Additives and Auxiliaries the writers are uh for what purpose to make a good impression on the editor Or is it to improve their own realm They often answer gracefully "hobby" or "interest" Only Xu Qianyu directly said it was for money So simple that she fell in love with her at once Feelings between people are wonderful Especially between women It may take you eight or ten years to become a best friend with another woman but it is also possible that she will become your confidant in an instant This truth in fact is also very suitable between men and women With the wrong person's several reincarnations the vicissitudes of life often not worth the right person's moment a glance of ten thousand years Wheat laughs contentedly "So do you want to attend" "There is a saying that men do not cheat because the weight of temptation is not enough" Xu Qianyu with a smile in his eyes gently spit out this sentence So you decided to have an affair! Wheat giggled "I'll send you the specific content of the essay after you go to the mailbox" "No notice on the website" Xu Qianyu asked doubtfully It won't come out until tomorrow I'll tell you in advance Wheat hesitated for a moment a little worried "will it affect the writing of Silent Strings" Xu Qianyu hesitated for a moment and then said "You know I don't have the habit of writing two articles at the same time" For Maomao I will try my best What is this essay about "Online games" A game company together with our Singapore Airlines held an essay contest It's going to be based on their game so you have to try it Wheat simply explained What game Xu Qianyu's eyebrows were shallowly locked up and she had a very bad feeling What was it again From the wheat side came the sound of turning over the information

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