Do You Get Priority Boarding if You Have Kids?

If you want to know that you will get a priority boarding if you have kids on southwest airlines then you can read this blog.

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Traveling with children can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to boarding an airplane. One of the most common questions parents have is whether or not they get priority boarding if they have kids. The answer depends on the airline and type of ticket purchased. In this blog post, we will discuss what types of priority boarding are available for families traveling with children and how you can make sure your family gets on the plane first. We’ll also provide information about Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor form and other important documents that must be filled out before flying with kids.

What Types of Priority Boarding Are Available for Families?

Most airlines offer some sort of priority boarding for families traveling with young children or those needing extra assistance due to disabilities or medical conditions. This may include early access to the aircraft, pre-boarding ahead of other passengers, or being able to board after business class passengers but before economy class passengers. Some airlines even offer special lines at security checkpoints specifically designed for families with small children so they don't have to wait in long lines at busy airports.

In addition, many airlines allow parents traveling alone with their child under two years old (or sometimes up to five years old) to board early without paying any additional fees as long as they present a valid birth certificate or passport upon check-in showing proof that their child is indeed under two years old (or five). This policy varies from airline to airline so it's important that you double check prior to purchasing tickets if you plan on taking advantage of this perk when flying solo with your little one(s).

How Can I Make Sure My Family Gets On The Plane First?

To ensure your family gets on the plane first, there are several things you can do:

1) Purchase tickets in advance: Many airlines give priority boarding privileges based on when tickets were purchased; typically those who purchase tickets earlier receive more favorable boarding positions than those who buy them closer to departure time. If possible, try booking your flight well in advance so that you can take advantage of any potential discounts offered by certain airlines for early bookings as well as secure better seating arrangements and/or priority boarding privileges during peak travel times such as holidays or summer months where flights tend to fill up quickly due mainly because everyone wants a seat!

2) Check-in online: Most major carriers now allow customers who check-in online 24 hours prior departure time access preferential treatment such as expedited security screening and/or preferred seating assignments which could potentially mean getting onto the plane faster than others who didn't bother checking in beforehand - something definitely worth considering if speed is key!

3) Consider paying extra fees: Depending on which airline you're flying with, there may be an option available where travelers pay an additional fee in exchange for higher levels of service including expedited security clearance &/or enhanced seating arrangements plus guaranteed placement within one particular zone during pre-boarding procedures - something ideal for large groups travelling together since all members would then be able stay close together throughout entire journey instead having spread out across multiple rows like usual!

4) Look into loyalty programs: Loyalty programs offered by various carriers often come equipped special perks such as exclusive accesses & discounts along side complimentary upgrades depending membership tier status achieved over time; these benefits could include everything from free checked bags through airport lounge entry all way up top tier memberships granting elite status holders automatic preference during pre-boarding processes thus ensuring smooth sailing right off bat every single trip taken!

5) Fill out Southwest Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor Form: For travelers using Southwest Airlines' services while accompanying minors aged 5–11 , filling out an Unaccompanied Minor Form is required before being allowed onboard; this document provides necessary details regarding parent/guardian contact information should anything happen while child en route which helps keep peace mind both parties involved knowing someone always reachable just case emergency arises midflight requiring immediate attention from ground crew personnel back home base station!

6) Ask nicely at gate agent desk : Although not guaranteed success rate 100%, politely asking gate agent desk see what can done help family board sooner rather later never hurts chances improving overall situation especially since customer service reps usually willing accommodate requests made reasonable manner whenever possible – just remember remain courteous throughout entire process order maintain positive relationship between passenger representative staff member working hard ensure safe travels everyone involved no matter circumstances presented front them each day job duties require fulfilling daily basis regardless personal feelings toward individual cases brought forth their attention span limited resources given task hand accordingly .


When it comes down it, there are several ways parents can make sure their family gets on the plane first when traveling with young children or those needing extra assistance due disability or medical condition – ranging from buying tickets advance through checking online 24 hours prior departure time alongside exploring loyalty programs offered various carriers unlocking exclusive perks associated high level tiers reached over course frequent flyer miles accumulated trips taken year round ! Additionally , Southwest Airlines requires filling out Unaccompanied Minor Form anyone accompanying minors aged 5–11 order allowed onboard ; this document provides necessary details regarding parent / guardian contact information should anything happen while child en route helping keep peace mind both parties involved knowing someone always reachable just case emergency arises midflight requiring immediate attention ground crew personnel back home base station ! All said done , hopefully now know exactly do next time find yourself wanting prioritize needs loved ones making sure get onto aircraft safely efficiently possible no matter cost incurred achieving desired results !

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