How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight Southwest and How Can I Change That?

If you wan to know that how must does it cost to change a flight on southwest airlines and how you can change your flight booking then you can read this blog post.

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Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences in life. It’s an opportunity to explore new places, meet new people, and experience different cultures. But sometimes unexpected events can cause you to need to change your flight plans. If you are flying with Southwest Airlines, you may be wondering how much does it cost to change a flight on Southwest and how can I go about making those changes? In this article we will discuss all the details regarding changing flights with Southwest Airlines so that you can make informed decisions when planning your next trip.

What Are The Fees For Changing A Flight On Southwest Airlines?

The fees for changing a flight on Southwest depend on several factors including the type of fare purchased, whether or not there is an increase in fare from the original ticket price, and if any additional taxes or fees apply. Generally speaking, if you have purchased a “Wanna Get Away” fare then there is no fee for making changes within 24 hours of purchase as long as the same route is being flown. After 24 hours there will be a $75 fee per person plus any difference in fare between the original ticket price and current ticket prices at time of booking. If you have purchased an “Anytime” or “Business Select” fare then there is no fee for making changes up until 10 minutes prior to departure but any difference in fares will still apply after 24 hours has passed since initial purchase date.

How To Make Changes To Your Flight With Southwest Airlines

Making changes to your flight with Southwest Airlines is easy! You can do so either online through their website or by calling their customer service line at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792). When making changes online simply log into your account using your confirmation number or eTicket number found on your email receipt from when you initially booked your flight. Once logged and avail services southwest airlines manage flight or either you can click on “My Trips” tab located near top right corner of page where you should see all upcoming trips listed under heading titled “Upcoming Flights” followed by options such as “Change/Cancel Trip" which allows users make modifications like adding bags, selecting seats etc., "View/Print Boarding Passes", "Check In Online" etc.. Alternatively if calling customer service line they will walk through process step by step helping select best option based upon individual needs while providing assistance throughout entire process ensuring everything goes smoothly without issue!

Southwest Manage Flight Option: An Overview

Another great way travelers can manage their flights with southwest airlines is through use of manage my flight option available both online via website or mobile app allowing customers view details regarding upcoming trips along with ability modify certain aspects such as adding bags, selecting seats etc., print boarding passes check in online etc.. Additionally customers able access past trips which include information related total cost paid date & time originally booked along other important details helpful managing future travel plans! This feature extremely useful especially those who frequently fly southwest due convenience it provides allowing them easily keep track various bookings made well having quick access needed information during times needing modify existing reservations instance when wanting add extra bag upgrade seat type etc...


In conclusion traveling always fun but sometimes unexpected events occur causing us need change our plans quickly efficiently without hassle associated traditional methods doing so! Fortunately southwest airlines makes process easier than ever before offering variety ways travelers able manage their flights including ability pay fees necessary make modifications desired even check status current bookings anytime anywhere using convenient tools provided airline itself!. No matter what situation may arise knowing exactly costs involved changing flights southwest well how go about doing just might save lot headache down road enabling enjoy journey much smoother fashion than expected!

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