What Are Things That Bookkeepers Do?

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Bookkeeping is an important part of running a successful business. It involves tracking and recording financial transactions, preparing reports, and managing accounts receivable and payable. Many businesses hire bookkeepers to help them manage their finances more efficiently. But what exactly do bookkeepers do? This article will explore the various tasks that bookkeepers perform on a daily basis.

Overview of Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services involve maintaining accurate records of all financial transactions within a company or organization. This includes recording income, expenses, assets, liabilities, taxes paid/owed, payroll information, etc. A good bookkeeper will also be able to provide detailed reports on these items as needed by management or other stakeholders in the business. Additionally, they may be responsible for reconciling bank statements and ensuring that payments are made on time each month. Finally, some bookkeepers may even offer additional services such as budgeting advice or tax preparation assistance if needed by the client.

Types of Tasks Performed By Bookkeepers

The types of tasks performed by bookkeepers can vary depending on the size and complexity of the business they are working with. Generally speaking though there are three main categories: data entry/transaction processing; reconciliation; and reporting/analysis:

Data Entry/Transaction Processing – This involves entering financial information into accounting software programs such as QuickBooks or Sage 50 Accounting Solutions (formerly Peachtree). The goal here is to ensure accuracy in terms of amounts entered into each account so that all balances match up at the end of each period (monthly/quarterly). They may also need to reconcile any discrepancies between different sources such as invoices received from vendors versus those recorded in their system(s).

Reconciliation – Once all data has been entered correctly it’s time for reconciliation which means double-checking everything against external sources like bank statements or vendor invoices to make sure nothing was missed during data entry stage earlier on in process . If discrepancies arise then adjustments must be made accordingly before moving onto next step .

Reporting & Analysis – After reconciling everything it’s time for creating meaningful reports based off numbers entered into system earlier . These can include profit & loss statements , balance sheets , cash flow projections etc which allow managers get better understanding how their business performing financially over certain periods time . Some advanced level analysis might also take place where trends identified opportunities capitalized upon order increase profits margins further down line .

Additional Services Offered By Bookkeepers - In addition basic duties outlined above many experienced bookkeeping firms offer additional services clients including but not limited : setting up new companies filing necessary paperwork , providing budgeting advice , helping prepare taxes properly filing returns timely manner dealing with audits from IRS other government agencies when necessary . Having access these resources invaluable especially small businesses just starting out who don’t have internal staff handle this type work yet still want stay compliant laws regulations governing operations area live in .

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